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Activate Missed Call Alert in Vodafone


Activate Missed Call Alert in Vodafone

Activate Missed Call Alert in Vodafone


Can’t get important phone calls because your phone’s battery is low? In that case, when you use Vodafone, your missed call alert on Vodafone should be activated so that you never miss an instant call.


If you turn off your phone, Vodafone will notify you of any missed calls via SMS. Rs. For monthly fee. 30 per month, you can get Miss Call help.

Using this Vodafone Miss Call Help, you can create a complete list of all Miss Calls when your phone was off, including the time, number of Miss Calls, and more details. To get information about Miss Calls, you just need to SMS some code. It takes 30 minutes to activate or deactivate an account.

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Missed Call Alerts at Vodafone – How to Activate?

What is the process of activating Missed Call Alerts in Vodafone? We’ve listed the steps below to help you learn how to activate Miss Call Alert on Vodafone Idea. Leaving the phone off when a user misses a call will alert them. To enable Miss Call service for Vodafone prepaid and postpaid customers, please see the steps below.

Vodafone Number SMS/USSD Code
Vodafone postpaid missed call alert: how to activate it ACT MCI and transfer SMS to 199
Here’s how you can set your Vodafone prepaid to notify you of missed calls Send an SMS to 144 with CAN MCI
Vodafone MCA USSD Code *888*810#
IVR 12385

How to Disable Vodafone Missed Call Service?

To disable the Vodafone Miss Call Alert service, we have outlined below how you can do this. Follow the steps below:

Vodafone Assistance SMS Number
Postpaid No. SMS to 199 writing CAN MCI
Prepaid Send an SMS to 144 with CAN MCI

How to activate Vodafone reverse missed call service?

Callers who have missed a phone call can retrieve SMS information via the Vodafone Reverse Miss Call feature and redial the number. Use of Vodafone’s reverse miss call service is useful to ensure that users do not miss important calls. To enable Vodafone Reverse Missed Call Assistance you need to take the following steps.

How to Disable Vodafone Reverse Miss Call Service?

You can disable Vodafone Reverse Missed Call Assistance by following the steps below.

Here’s how to put one together for use with Vodafone Missed Call Alerts. Since you never want to miss important business calls or family calls, now you know what to do.

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