How do you hide WhatsApp Chats from Android


How do you hide WhatsApp Chats from Android

hide WhatsApp Chats
hide WhatsApp Chats

We all make use of WhatsApp to talk to our friends, family, partners and other contacts.Β But there are instances where we don’t want anyone else to access our WhatsApp chats because they could be very private.Β In this case it is possible to find a way to block chats on WhatsApp by using a secret word or you can simply delete them.

For this, you could use the local part of WhatsApp or try any other application that you can.Β Read this guide that will demonstrate how to conceal WhatsApp conversations for iPhone and Android all ways there is a way.

As is obvious when you look at the highlights of chronicle of WhatsApp it is possible to hide or reveal chats whenever we want.Β However, many users have to figure out how to block chats on WhatsApp without a chronicle since WhatsApp is a popular feature among other users.Β To solve this issue you can use an alternative app such as GBWhatsApp available on Android to block your chats.Β It’s a modified version of WhatsApp which comes with a huge amount of the latest features.

If you own an iPhone and you are using it, you should first unplug your phone to make use of an alternative app such as this.Β It is advised to be careful when making the WhatsApp modification, since your profile could be suspended in the event that you’re tagged by WhatsApp.Β To find out how to conceal chats within WhatsApp without having to file them, use these methods:

In the first place, open your device’s Settings > Security, and enable the establishment of apps from unknown sources.Β Remove WhatsApp off your Android and then go to the official website that is GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp for downloading the application.

Hide WhatsApp Chats

Download the GBWhatsApp application to your mobile and then enter the current phone number that is linked with your WhatsApp.Β You can verify your account by typing in the unique secret word, and then access the top levels of features of WhatsApp.

Select the chats you would like to keep private and then tap on the additional options (the 3-spot) icon at the top.Β From there, you can click to select the “Hide” option.

To view the hidden chats You can launch the GBWhatsApp app and click on the WhatsApp icon in the upper left corner.

Look over the lock example for the chats with shrouded messages and browse all saved conversations here.

Β If you want to select any chat, click on the hamburger (three-speck) icon in the upper right and choose one of the “Imprint as Unread” choice.Β This will allow you to unhide your selected chats and forward messages back to WhatsApp home.

It stands out among other apps that have been evaluated, according to YouTubers and bloggers.Β It is also growing in popularity online with teens.

MaskChat is a totally free advanced Mask specifically designed for android users to ensure security while having private conversations on their phones.Β Private Conversation may be chatting with friends on WhatAapp, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat or any other chat service.Β You can also use it to block the screen when writing passwords, or to access specific information such as bank account information.

What can you hide?

  1. Hide WhatsApp chat
  2. Hide Snapchat
  3. Hide facebook perusing
  4. Hide WeChat
  5. Block screen when writing passwords or accessing confidential information.

Step-by-step directions to follow:

  1. Download and install MaskChat application on your Android device.Β (For MI users, please visit settings and authorize drawing over other apps.)
  2. Click on the MaskChat icon in the app.
  3. Computerized draperies open to conceal or mask your phone’s screen to safeguard you.
  4. Drag it from one place to the next to keep their screens away from the eyes of their viewers.
  5. Modify the murkiness using the slider
  6. Allow touch through by using the switch button to maintain an ever-changing mask on your screen. Then, you can use your phone by allowing it to operate while maintaining the brightness to the minimum.
  7. Click on the cross icon to make the shadow disappear leaving an unskimming Maskchat icon.

Chat app Mask Highlights:

  • Set Mask On Screen.
  • Create different mask topics.
  • Create a custom mask from an exhibition image and create a transparent mask.
  • Make sure that any chat you have on social media is secure using an application for mask chat.

The app lets you conceal your personal information in public areas such as subway or transport.Β Now, you can feel comfortable to talk by placing it on the screen with a mask.

  1. Hide the image
  2. Hide live chats
  3. Keep everything you need hidden

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