Best Way to Change the Font Style in WhatsApp Messages


Best Way to Change the Font Style in WhatsApp Messages

Change Font Style

WhatsApp is an app with which you cannot imagine your activities on the internet.Β It is essential to get this app for the time you have to communicate or call, or communicate with anyone.Β There are numerous tricks that can enhance your WhatsApp experience more enjoyable.Β In any given moment, are you wondering how the posts that are viral on WhatsApp are able to be a diverse text in a single visit?

Here’s the simple method that lets you use your phone to do this too.Β This trick will enable users to use WhatsApp chat with some distinct fonts instead default excruciating font.Β For this trick you will need to install an application for keyboards that you can download from Google Play Store or App Store. Google Play Store or App Store.

We use the Fonts App to change the font style.Β The app is completely free to download. Also, don’t fret about the advertisements as the app is completely free from ads.Β In addition, there are no unnecessary consents needed to use this application.Β This is the method to use the Fonts app to find elegant fonts for your phone.

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The stylish Font is designed by Motive to provide stylish hope for your Smart Phone with appealing Fonts.Β There are a variety of fonts available with the ability to see in a moment so that you can see how the the font will appear.Β Note: This App isn’t endorsed, supported or affiliated to Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and the FlipFont innovation.

Key Features:

Stylish Fonts

Stylish Fonts introduces 50 Stylish fonts for your phone that are accessible through this application.

It also supports gadgets such as Xiomi (RedMi), Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Asus and others.

Stylish Text

Unlimitless possibilities to create Stylish Text and Art and present them as your top choices

chat apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Hangouts and the other apps that are responsible for changing text to amaze everyone.


Stylish Bio

You could duplicate or create an attractive bio status, or you can also give the same to your

Family and friends on informal gathering stages.

Stylish Keyboard

An enormous selection of fashionable fonts that are suitable for cool composition and stylish content

fonts in various apps for information and other online media easily with keyboard.

Message Maker

Marvelous Message Maker highlight to create and send stunning elegant welcome photos.

How do I use this program?

This application does not require complex procedure.Β Users just need to download the application from Google play store using their android phone.Β Users will need to enable the keyboard in this application.

Users must select the keyboard that is named Fonts keyboard.Β Users can alter the subject of the keyboard within this application.Β Users can use this keyboard with outsider applications too.Β Users can alter the design of the keyboard in the outsider apps.


In fact, this app contains all the top features.Β It offers a variety of subjects.Β Its adaptability separates it from other keyboards that focus on specific topics.Β There are numerous topics available in the app store however they’re generally not free.

The app is free and available through the Google Play Store, it includes promotions, and if you find that you aren’t a fan of advertisements If you don’t, you could make use of the amazing upgrade for making it much more appealing.

If you finds something that is acceptable you can get the most outstanding redesign by paying a certain amount.Β In the event that you do not want to make use of the Google play store, you can use the most effective highlight feature for the app.



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