How to Add Custom Fonts on PicsArt


How to Add Custom Fonts on PicsArt

Add Custom Fonts on PicsArt
Add Custom Fonts on PicsArt

All of us have our favourite fonts. They help us distinguish our writing from the rest. Complex and cursive fonts require extra time and effort.

In order to speed up the delivery process of our projects, we can use the fonts we like and then access them from a safe location. There are not always safe places to access fonts we love and other cool features.

We will show you how to get started with PicsArt and introduce you to some new fonts. This step-by-step guide will help you add custom, unique fonts in your PicsArt creation.

  • Step 1

This is your first step to finding the best fonts for you. Just search the Internet and you will find many free fonts. You can find the perfect letters on numerous websites such Google web fonts, DaFont. Do this on your mobile phone to be able to seamlessly transition into the next step of this tutorial.

After downloading the file from a 3rd-party app of choice, save it on your phone. Before downloading the font, read the fine print. Check the permissions to see where and how you can use this lettering. You may not be able to use certain fonts for your personal use.

  • Step 2

Next, locate and open the file that was downloaded to your mobile device. The location of the file will vary depending on what type of phone you use. On an iPhone, it will be found in the’Downloads‘ folder of Files app. If you are using Android, you will find it under the Downloads section in your File Management. The font file is either or . It may also include the PicsArt logo. If the font file is in ZIP format, extract it first.

  • Step 3 

Once you have located the font, hold down the long-press button to select it. After selecting it, click Copy/Move. Create a Fonts directory in PicsArt. This is for Android users.

If you own an iPhone, long-press the font files and select Share option. To launch PicsArt, simply tap on PicsArt. Your font should now open within the program. If it doesn’t, we will show you exactly how to locate it.

  • Step 4

Once PicsArt has opened, click on the purple plus sign. To start a new PicsArt Project. Then, select a backdrop image that you like from your gallery. Or choose one from the many thousands of template backgrounds available in the app. The background you choose will display the text on top of it, so choose one that suits both.

  • Step 5 

Choose the > option from the menu beneath your canvas to bring up a text box on your screen.

Add whatever text that you like right away, without worrying about font size, color, or other details. We’ll show that you can modify them later. You can close the box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen by clicking the check mark.


Highlight the option at lower screen. Then click on the teal button in the left-hand corners under your image. This will bring up our searchable fonts library 

Below the screen, you’ll see the heart icon which says, “My fonts“. To access the custom fonts libraries you have downloaded, click this button.

PicsArt will display the new font. Click on it and it will be applied to your text. This font will be available for future use in all of your projects.

  • Step 6

You can now modify the font from the editing screen. To stretch the text box, use your fingers. Mark ” colour” in the upper right corner to change the hue. To mark your global brand’s presence, make any stylistic changes.

You can modify the text in other ways using tools like BendHighlight, and Stoke. These are the best features of the application and make it stand out from the rest. In the below image, we have used a contrasting stroke, also known as an outline, to make the lettering standout against the background.

  • Step 7 

After you’re done editing your text, add stickers or effects to the image. After you’re happy, export the image.Finally, click on Save. Once you have finished editing the photo, you can save it to your phone.

PicsArt is not adding custom fonts

PicsArt version 5.0 and higher may prevent you from using the above method. If you are one these people, we will show a different way for you to style your text with custom fonts.

An iOS app called PHonto can be downloaded free from the App Market. This is a text-editor application that can also support custom fonts. For custom fonts import on Phonto, follow the same steps as before. This application also allows you save text with transparent backgrounds in PNG format image. You can then later add the overlay image to PicsArt.

The addText app is a similar one for Android. You can find hundreds of trendy fonts that you could use for your text. Additionally, you can use other text editing tools like shadow, 3D perspectiva, background, and many more. PicsArt can also be used with these applications to create custom fonts for text that is placed over images or photos.



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