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How to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously


How to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously

use two WhatsApp accounts

WhatsApp is the most loved messaging app. This allows you to chat with family and friends. WhatsApp is easy to use your phone number to create an Account.

WhatsApp has a significant limitation. You can only use one account per day. Even if your smartphone has a dual SIM, you cannot have more than one WhatsApp account.

manage two WhatsApp accounts at one

Many smartphone manufacturers have come up with simple solutions to this problem.

You can create duplicate apps on Android to allow you to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. This feature, also known as ” Clone“/” Dual apps“, can be found on most smartphones such as Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and Oppo.

Here is how to create dual WhatsApp messages on Samsung phones.

Similar steps apply to other smartphones. If you cannot find a way for your phone to create duplicate applications, look for the “Clone” or “Dual” options in Settings.

Parallel Space is used to run 2 WhatsApp

If your manufacturer doesn’t offer any built in feature to create duplicate apps, you could use a third-party program called Parallel Space. This allows you to run multiple accounts on the same app. Parallel Space lets users create duplicate WhatsApp accounts so they can use their second WhatsApp account.

Here is how to create an instant clone WhatsApp using Parallel Space.

Note : The workaround applies only to dual-SIM smartphone models. There are no ways to use two WhatsApp account on a single SIM phone (including iPhone).

WhatsApp uses your mobile number to keep your account login. WhatsApp will logout your account immediately after you have removed the SIM card from it.


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