How to hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture from specific Contacts


How to hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture from specific Contacts

hide your WhatsApp Profile

WhatsApp lets you choose a picture to be your profile photo (also called DP or display image) that will be displayed in your account. There are lots of people who aren’t keen to reveal the WhatsApp profile photo to everyone, or at the very least, to a select group of individuals, which could include your family member, friend colleagues, family members, or even your ex.

As a default setting, privacy setting of your profile photo is set to all users meaning that anyone can view it, even people who aren’t on your contacts list. If you wish to block your WhatsApp profile photo from specific individuals or from all of those who have your contacts saved this guide will help you understand how to do it.

This article has covered all you should be aware of WhatsApp’s profile photo privacy. The most frequently-asked concerns on this subject is whether it is possible to block WhatsApp DP from certain users or even from certain contacts. Let’s begin by discussing this issue before moving on.

Can you hide your WhatsApp profile 

Yes, it’s possible, but within certain limitations only. However, WhatsApp doesn’t have any option to choose specific individuals for privacy of your profile pictures however, it is possible to manage groups of individuals including your contacts.

There’s a feature that allows targeting certain contacts via WhatsApp status however it’s not available for profile pictures at the moment. There are other methods to block your WhatsApp profile picture from users, like blocking these contacts, eliminating them from your contacts list and so on.

Hide your WhatsApp profile 

WhatsApp offers a choice in the privacy settings so that you can control who is able to view your profile photo. If you don’t want any one to view it, change its privacy settings to No one. Here’s how you achieve this:

  • Click the three dots and the menu button is located located in the upper left edge of your screen.
  • Click settings > account > privacy..
  • Click on the profile photo option under who has access to my personal details.
  • Then select the No One option. That’s it.

After that, nobody will be able to view any of WhatsApp profile picture, including your contacts and friends.

Block your contacts from seeing your WhatsApp DP

Another option to specifically be a target for anyone to hide you WhatsApp account is blocking them. If you block someone on WhatsApp this person won’t be able to view all of your private details including your profile picture. This is how you can stop contacts from WhatsApp –

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Go to Settings > Menu and Accounts. Click Privacy..
  • Click on the Contacts blocked choice here.
  • Then, click Add user icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Then you’ll be able to see all of you WhatsApp contact list. Choose the contacts you wish to remove. That’s it.

Be aware that users who are blocked cannot contact you or send messages. This option is only for use in case you do not wish to stay in touch with them for a long time.

 Another option is for blocking users using WhatsApp. To do that, simply open the chat of the user, then tap the on the menu icon (three dots) and then select “more” then “block.”.

Remove contacts to block your WhatsApp image

The third way to cover the WhatsApp Profile picture to particular individuals is to remove the picture from your phone’s contacts list. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to set your profile’s security to Private Contacts only. This will block those who have not saved your contact from viewing the profile picture on your WhatsApp DP. Follow this step-by step guideline to

  • delete contact(s) on your mobile You can open your Contacts application in your smartphone. Locate the person you wish to hide your profile photo. Choose it, and then tap the delete button.
  • Change WhatsApp privacy settings for profile pictures When you delete contact(s) then start WhatsApp and navigate to the Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy. Select the Profile Picture option here and make it appear as My contacts..

Hide your WhatsApp profile pictures from groups Chat

There’s no alternative to remove your WhatsApp profile photo from specific groups. But, there are a few solutions. If you’re a member of any organization and do not want members of your group to view your profile photo You can just

If you aren’t sure it’s acceptable to remove yourself from the group, you can remove saved contacts of the members off your smartphone (only the ones from whom you wish to block the WhatsApp DP) as well alter your privacy settings for your profile picture to only My Contacts. Alternately, you can remove those contacts, as we’ve previously discussed.

These are the methods to hide your WhatsApp profile photo from certain contacts. We’re hoping WhatsApp will soon include the same feature as in status that allows users to manually make an account of their contacts to conceal personal information from them. If you have any concerns you’re thinking about you can ask these in our comments. Have you enjoyed this tutorial? Do share it with your contacts and keep checking back for more informative tutorials.

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