Check CNIC number biodata , details and other information Online


Check CNIC number biodata , details and other information Online

If you’d like toΒ Check CNIC biodata online, or on mobileΒ You’ve come to the right spot.Β National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) provides the capability of confirming CNIC numbers over the phone.

Check CNIC biodata online

CNIC biodata and other data are required many times to verify the identity of an individual.Β It is also possible to check the number of sims that are on your ID card.Β It’s good news, NADRA has created a new method that allows for simple verification.

Why should I be checking my biodata:

It is often the case that Sim cards disappear.Β Criminals profit of this and utilize SIM cards that are registered in the names of other people.Β They use these SIMs for committing crimes and also to hide from police.Β But the one who is caught is that person with whose SIM has been lost.Β This could be you.Β It is therefore advisable to verify your biodata as well as other information like those of the SIMs in your personal.Β In addition, it shows the address information that are recorded in NADRA’s records.Β If you are frequently moving between cities, then you’ll be able to figure out your address in accordance with NADRA

There are three ways to verify the ID card’s information online.

Β You can choose to use any one or the one that works for you the best.

Method 1: Examine the details of your ID card on NADRA’s website:

Open your browser and

Click here.

You can enter the CNIC number on the Nadra website.Β Nadra will display the information and biodata in a matter of minutes.

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Method 2: Verify the biodata via texting to 77000

You can send the CNIC numbers to the number 7000.Β Nadra will return an email along with the information in just a few minutes.

NADRA will take the amount of Rs 10 for this

Method 3: Verify the biodata using SMS to 8300.

The ID card number you have on file to 8300.

The automated system of NADRA will notify you of the address and location of the person who owns identification card numbers.


Note that NADRA does not display the name of your father, or you via this SMS service.



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