How to Access Wi-Fi passwords on Android 


How to Access Wi-Fi passwords on Android 

Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

It is becoming a problem for everybody. The reason is simple that it’s the case that you’ve got multiple accounts, and you don’t have the same password across all accounts to ensure security. This is the same for the Wi-Fi password too.

You can, of course, modify your WiFi router to create an entirely new password, but this is best to use it as an emergency. If you’re also in a similar circumstance, this guide will prove to be useful for you. We have provided an easy hack to assist you in recovering the Wi-Fi username on Android. It’s not even necessary for root access to your Android device.

Note that this isn’t an instruction on hacking every Wi-Fi connection. Hacking is a crime and doing it could land you into more troubles than you anticipated.Access Wi-Fi passwords If you follow this procedure, you can discover your Wi-Fi password on your android phone .

This can be helpful if you’ve forgotten the password to your Wi-Fi

Check saved Wi-Fi passwords saved in Android 10 and higher.

Android 10 and up allows you to check the Wi-Fi passwords of the network you’ve saved without needing root your device. root or root an Android smartphone. This process can differ based on the device or Android version. Here’s the step-by-step process to look up the saved Wi-Fi passwords for Android 11


Start your Setting application to the Android phone.

  • Search for Network and Connections option, then choose Wi-Fi.
  • There will be the list of Wi-Fi network names that are stored in your phone. The most current wifi networks will be the first on the list. Choose the one with the password you wish to see.
  • On the page for network information Click on the Share button that has an icon of a QR code.
  • Then you’ll be requested for your password to unblock your gadget for further action. You can do this using your fingerprint, Face ID or input the PIN password directly.

If you’d like to connect your WiFi connection with anyone else, you could directly scan the QR code directly from their smartphone. In this manner you won’t need to manually enter the password. That’s all you have to do to access the Wi-Fi passwords you have saved on your Android phone that is running version 11 or higher.

Write down the password somewhere to make it easy to locate it in case you forget it. It is possible to make use of Google Keep for this which is essentially an editor for text and notes application. If not, write it in your dairy, a paper clip, or wherever else physically.

Access saved WiFi passwords for Android 9 and lower with rooting

Does your phone run Android 9 or below? Do not worry, we have a second option for you to see saved WiFi passwords. To access this feature you’ll need root your device, as the file that contains the WiFi passwords for saved networks is located in an encrypted directory in the storage of your phone. It is not possible to access that file or folder until your phone is root.

If you have access to root to the Android smartphone, then you are able to access the the /data/misc/wifi directory by using an File Explorer app that supports root browsing, such as Root File Manager or Solid Explorer. There is the file wpa_supplicant.conf. You can open it and you’ll be able to see the network’s name (ssid) as well as the password (psk) of the saved networks.

There’s an additional application that is called WiFi Password Watcher which you can utilize as an alternative to the traditional method. All you have to do is install the application on your phone via the Play Store to immediately search for all your saved WiFi passwords. It is important to note that this app is only available when your phone is root.

View Wi-Fi password via router

If you don’t have an Android device that stores your Wi-Fi password on it, you can retrieve it using your router. Naturally, this will only work if you’re linked to your router’s networks. Keep in mind that you are unable to see the password unless the smartphone or tablet are linked to Wi-Fi.

  1. Access the local address of your router The first step is to start any browser you have on your phone and then go directly to the address for the router. It will be usually. However, the URL varies on the type of router, so make sure to check yourself or go to the official site to locate the proper address.
  2. Login credentials for your router on the page for login, you will need to enter your username as well as password. The routers supplied via MTNL as well as Airtel as default, have usernames and password set to administrator. The default password for the other routers are password-only. If this combination does not work then you’ll have to call the manufacturer of your router and/or Internet service providers.

Reset your router, and then create a new Wi-Fi password

Resetting the router is your final option as you’ll need to reset your entire network in order to restore your internet connection. If you do not have the any technical expertise then we recommend to contact an Internet Service Provider.

Here are a few of options that allow you view saved Wi-Fi passwords on an Android phone. Change your router’s password only in the event that other methods don’t work. If you have another method, please let us know via the comment section below. We hope this article has helped you and that you obtained your Wi-Fi password that you forgot. Make sure you read the additional helpful articles on our website.

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