How to use to hide my email for iphone and ipad?


How to use to hide my email for iphone and ipad?

hide my email for iphone and ipad

The email address is utilized for a variety of uses. It is required to provide your email address whenever you open your account on websites and apps or sign up to newsletters. Because your email address is tied to your various banking and social media accounts, in case you lose your passwords you will be able to quickly recover them using your email.


Even after a lot of use of our email addresses however, we don’t take seriously the security of our email and hackers are always keeping watch at your email address. If your email is compromised, it could cause a huge threat to your security and privacy. Keep this in mind it is essential to ensure your email address is safe and secure. Don’t divulge it to anyone else.

Hide My Email will automatically generate random email addresses for you once you sign up using the Apple ID to create a new account on websites and apps.

There are two methods you can utilize the Hide My Email feature on iPhone. One is using the feature with Log in using Apple and the second one involves iCloud+. iCloud+, a premium service provided by Apple to offer the cloud with storage and family sharing as well as other options allows you to perform more things with Hide My Email with the help of permitting the creation of as many emails as you’d like.

It is possible to use these email addresses in your device, on iCloud+, or even in the Safari browser for any purpose you require. Additionally you have complete control over managing or deactivating the existing email addresses that are random within you Apple device.

Create Hide My Email on iPhone/iPad

If you’ve installed iCloud+ enabled on the iPhone or iPad You can configure My Email to be hidden My Email with these steps

  1. Start your Settings app on your device, and then tap the Name in the middle.
  2. Select iCloud option.
  3. Then click “Hide My E-mail”.
  4. Then, tap + Create a new address. This will generate an unintended email address to you, using the domain.
  5. Click on the the Continue button if you are satisfied with the auto-generated address. Should you not like it, you may create a new address using the Use a Different addresses option.
  6. Mark your address In the following step, you’ll be asked to provide an address name. This will allow you remember quickly what app or site you made it. You can also add brief descriptions within the Make a Note field which is an optional.
  7. Then, click The The Next option on the top-right corner, and you’ve now successfully created your unique email address.
     Visit your “Hide My Email” settings and you’ll see it there. You can now use this new email address wherever you’d like.

Manage or delete Hide My Email addresses

It is also possible to manage and remove email addresses that you’ve made using the Hide My Email feature. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Once again, open the Settings app and then tap your name in the top.
  2. Click here to iCloud and select Hide My Mail.
  3. Tap the label/name of the email address that you wish to edit.
  4. If you’d like to change the label for the address then simply click the label option, and then modify it. It is also possible to create notes to explain the purpose for which you’ve made the address.
  5. If you’d like to remove the address, click on the the Deactivate the email account option. . You’ll need to establish another address

hide my email for iPhone and iPad

Every app you download on your phone today asks to know your email address in order to sign up. Similar is the situation with the majority of web-based services. Sharing your email with untrusted parties could not only put your privacy in risk, but also get a lot of malware and spam messages in your email account.

To address this issue, Apple has create a feature that is called Hide My Email which is available with iOS 15 and above so that you can protect your personal email private. The feature works across Apple gadgets by assigning an unspecified, distinct email address for applications and websites that require you to provide your personal email to register.

iPhone or iPad users are also able to access Hide My Email directly by visiting Safari the Mail and iCloud settings. No matter if you’re an executive or regular person, the feature can be very beneficial to everyone. Learn the way Hide My Email actually works to protect your personal email secure and how to use this feature with your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

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