10 Unique Facts About Chinese Food That will surprise you:


10 Unique Facts About Chinese Food That will surprise you:

10 Unique Facts About Chinese Food

Chinese food is one of the most popular foods in the world. Take a moment to learn about the amazing historical and cultural facts behind your favorite delicious Chinese dishes!

1) Chinese food is one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Traditional Chinese food should always be fresh. Most dishes are full of vegetables, grass-fed meats, seafood, and large amounts of herbs and spices. Each ingredient is picked up by hand for medicinal purposes. Chinese people rarely eat canned / frozen food.

2) You don’t eat the same dish twice in China!

China has 34 provinces and each province has its own food traditions. Also, sugar ingredients can be prepared in many ways as there are many ways to cook them. For example, chicken can be made steamed, steamed, lightly fried, roasted, soy sauce, sweet and sour and much more!


3) There are eight dishes in China.

Chinese people use many different cooking styles, but Chinese food experts consider the eight traditions of eating to be the best. This refined food is seen as a model for their unique style and strength. The eight Chinese dishes are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Xijiang.

4) Noodles, rice and soup staples.

In northern China, where it is very cold and dry, people like to eat dumplings, noodles and steamed rabbit. In the South, rice bowls or rice noodles are important in every meal. However, people in the south eat very little wheat.

Trivia: Soup is last served in China, the opposite is true in Western countries.

5) Chinese food is almost completely free.

If you are lactose intolerant, this fact about sugar eating is the most important! Authentic sugary foods rarely use fatty ingredients in milk, such as cream, butter or cheese. However, if you eat out in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, they can add dairy ingredients to their diet, but not as common as in the US or European countries.


6) Meals are served in full.

Food waste is a major taboo in China. All portions of vegetables or animals should be used in cooking. Instead of filling, the fish withers. It is also offered with bones and head. An extra bone plate may also be provided.

7) Chopsticks are use to make food that is very soft or cut to size.

You rarely use a knife or fork to feed a Chinese person. It is consider savage in China. People use chopsticks instead. However, the chopsticks cannot cut the meat, so the chopsticks are too soft or cut to size. 45 billion pairs of chopsticks are use annually in China!

8) Presentation is everything!

In many Chinese homes, food is serve in a complex way. It is adorne with many decorative herbs, vegetable designs and patterns. Sometimes, they can even go overboard with the food design.

9) Every food has a superstitious symbol.

In China, there is always a superstition or tradition associated with most food. It can be based on shapes, accents, history and myths. There are certain foods that you need to eat to be bless at festivals or life events. For example, pandas the size of pandas eaten during the new year can give you wealth.

10) Traditional Chinese food is collectively share.

Eating with family and friends is common in China. The utensils are usually place in the middle of the table and people sit around with bowls of rice. In restaurants, 10 to 12 seating round tables with slow susan turn tables are common for easy sharing.

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