How to send missing photos and videos in WhatsApp


How to send missing photos and videos in WhatsApp

send missing photos and videos in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has come up with a feature that people have been waiting for a long time. Users can now send missing photos and videos that can only be viewed once opened.

On your phone, open a WhatsApp chat and follow the steps below to send missing photos or videos on WhatsApp:

Here’s how to send missing photos and videos to WhatsApp:

Open any WhatsApp chat and click on the clip icon inside the chat bar.

A card with a document, camera, gallery, and other options will appear. Click on the camera or gallery to select any photo or video from your gallery.

Missing Messages Guide Step 2

After selecting the media file, the “1” icon will appear. Click on the “1” icon to activate the missing image / video mode in WhatsApp.
Click the 1 button in WhatsApp chat.

Take a look at the feature WhatsApp popup

Now, click and send a photo or video.
After submitting the image, you will see that it displays 1 icon in the chat, meaning the viewer will only be able to view it once.

The same is true for iPhone users. Here’s what the sent message looks like:


Check out the WhatsApp after the feature update
Whatsapp View Once
Note that this feature will not prevent others from taking screenshots of the photo or video you are sending. They can also record videos on many phones using the built-in screen or screen recording feature available through third party apps.

According to WhatsApp, encrypted messages also remain on their servers for a few weeks. Therefore, if someone reports a chat or a specific photo or video, the company will still have access to the files and can view them if needed.

The View Once feature can also be added to the backup. So, for example, if the image or video has not been opened, and the recipient backs up the file before opening it, the backup of that particular image or video will be saved and Can also be restored.


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