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Jobs in Canada 2022:Apply Now


Jobs in Canada 2022:Apply Now

One of the questions we are frequently asked is what are the most sought-after job opportunities in Canada? With the amount of people coming to Canada every year grows which are the most-in-demand work opportunities available in Canada? Here Jobs in Canada 2022

Jobs in Canada 2022

It can be challenging to create a path for your career in certain professions, particularly in the case of the services of staffing agencies. But, there are always high-demand jobs available in Canada and establishing your career in those fields isn’t as difficult.

Organization Code for NOC Average Salary Related jobs
Software Engineer 2173 $100,582
University Professor 4011 $100,300
Aerospace Engineer 2146 $98347 Aircraft Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Spacecraft Design
Veterinarians (Vets) 3114 $95804
Electrical Engineer 2133 $91832 Electrical And Electronics Engineer
Project Manager 


1221, 0211,0213, 0711 $91425


3131 $89314
Human Resources (HR) Managers 


0112 $89003
Account Manager 


4163 $86104
Business Development Manager 


4163 $84003 Business Development Officers And Marketing Researchers And Consultants
Industrial Electrician 


7242 $83671

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