UK Student Visa Process Step by Step


UK Student Visa Process Step by Step

UK Student Visa Process Step by Step

Each year, more than 25000 Indian student applicants are accepted for visas to the UK Student Visa. To help you navigate the entire process of applying for a visa We present to you this blog, which will help answer all of your questions as well as resolve your concerns concerning your UK Student Visa Process step by step. 

Why Study in the UK?

The UK is the unquestionably the most preferred destination for students who want to study abroad in the world. If you are contemplating pursuing your education at an UK Institution, you are on the right track.

The UK education institutions are among the top in the rankings and their qualifications are renowned and highly valued worldwide. One of the main reasons that draw thousands of students to UK institutions and colleges is the flexibility of its selection of vocational and academic programs. Students are given the possibility of choosing programs that best suit your interests. This system allows you the chance to learn various skills that eventually will go a long way towards improving your professional career. The study in the UK offers students the chance to be taught by some of the top academics.

The UK is known for its diverse society The UK is a melting pot of various ethnic and racial backgrounds. The people of the UK are willing to accept other nationalities and religions, making your time in the country an enjoyable one.

A. Follow these steps to obtain success in obtaining a UK student visa

Step 1: Eligibility

The UK Tier 4 Visa is essential if you intend to pursue a degree within the UK. UK Student Visa application are processed within 3 weeks following a successful application.

To find out if you’re eligible for a students visa, or not. You must to demonstrate:

  1. A letter of acceptance to studies at the university or college in which you are planning to study.
  2. A proof of finances to convince the officer who will issue the visa that you have the financial capacity enough to cover the cost of living and course fees within the UK.

Step 2: Gathering Correct Documents

Original documents and photocopies are required to be provided for each document.

  1. an application for visas that is filled out form
  2. evidence of your enrollment at the university
  3. a valid passport
  4. 1 passport size colour photograph
  5. any document written in any language other than the regional one must be translated into English to ensure its authenticity

Step 3: Online Application Process

Create an account and register at the official UK Visa website. Once you’ve completed the online application form you’ll have to print or sign the completed application form.

To book an appointment with the Visa Application Centre You must make use of the appointment calendar online, after which you’ll receive an email with the number of your application.

step 4: paying the Application Fee

You can pay to cover the visa application fee using four options:

  • Standard Charter Bank-you are able to pay your fee at the bank that is standard charter. After payment, your bank can issue an order draft in the name of the British High Commissioner’.
  • Demand draft issued by an international or national bankPay the application fee using an advance draft drawn by the British High Commission’ from either a national or foreign bank.
  • Visa application centerIt is also possible to make payment at the centre for visa applications as you fill out the visa request.
  • Pay onlineUse the Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card to pay for the Visa application fee.

5. Attending the visa interview on the date you have been given.

Visit the centre to schedule your visa interview on the scheduled date to submit your application, facial picture and fingerprints.

B. Documents needed for the issuance of a UK Student Visa

Student visa applications require lots of documents in comparison to a visa for tourists. For the smoothest visa interview you must carry all the essential academic and financial documents.

  • an application for visas that is fill out form
  • a valid passport
  • A letter of acceptance for the course
  • Bank statement showing proof of the funds
  • Educational Technologies Approval Scheme (ATAS) and Clearance Certificate (if needed)
  • visa fees payment confirmation receipt
  • Original mark sheets/provisional certificate
  • language test scores
  • Payslips
  • Additional documents

C. Costs of the application of a UK Tier 4 Visa

The cost for the visa for Tier 4 general Visa is PS348. The cost is PS348 for each person in the event of dependents.

Study Program Average Tuition fee in GBP (PS)
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Between PS6,000 and PS16,000 annually
Postgraduate master’s degree From PS10,000 to PS20,000 per year.
Doctoral Degree Between PS13,000 and PS29,000 each year.

D. Documents required to obtain the issuance of a UK Student Visa

Student visa applications require lots of documents opposed to a tourist visa. For the smoothest visa interview you should bring the required academic and financial documents. The required documents are as follows:

  • A completed visa application form
  • A valid passport
  • an acceptance letter on the course
  • Bank statement showing proof of the funds
  • Educational Technologies Approval Scheme (ATAS) (ATAS) Certificate (if needed)
  • visa fees payment confirmation receipt
  • Original mark sheets/provisional certificates/mark sheets
  • language test scores
  • Payslips
  • Additional documents

E. Learn in the UK with no IELTS

Some UK universities are looking into student admissions without IELTS. But, there are certain requirements that the applicant must meet in order to be considered for admission to these universities.

  1. the university takes into consideration your English test results in High school, with 60% in the 10th grade and 60% in the 12th
  2. The medium used for instruction was English
  3. A handful of UK universities conduct interviews with candidates online to assess their abilities and to decide if they should bypass the IELTS exam.

F. UK Point Based Visa System

It is important to note that the UK visa system is point-base visa system. It is compulsory for students to fulfill all requirements of the Immigration Rules and have 70 points total.

Requirements Points
A Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies from a Tier 4 sponsor 50 points
Funds or maintenance 10 points
English language qualifications 10 points

G. UK Visa application Denial

A minorerror could cause your visa application denied. Be aware of all the steps involved in submitting your application. Make sure you are aware of any mistakes. A few of the reasons why visas are refused are:

  • Documents that are not complete or missing
  • fraudulent documents
  • applying for the wrong visa
  • Inability to demonstrate your financial capacity for your UK absence
  • criminal record

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